Robin - Recipe Site Design


Robin – Recipe Site Design

  • Custom Home page displaying dynamic posts (Ie recipes).
    • A custom design displaying featured recipes, videos and information about the website.
  • Dynamic Forms for users to input/share their recipes
    • Input forms on the frontend for users to share and post their recipes to the database (to display on the site).
  • Additional Pages
    • About us, contact us, privacy policy etc.
  • Logo Design
    • A custom designed logo tailored to your brand.
  • Featured Video Feed
    • A custom video feed that displays recipe videos. This will be used on the homepage, and optionally on recipe pages.
  • Links to Social Media Plugs
    • Links to your Social Media Pages
  • Recipes archive with search-ability and filtering options
    • A directory of recipes, with additional filtering options. For example, filter recipes by type, food, ingredients etc.
  • Custom sections/database w/ recipe fields
    • Upon input from the recipe form, the data will be added to the directory and custom database. These custom fields are values that connect the backend database to display data on the frontend.
  • Front end custom post design for recipes and archive
    • Custom Design on input forms. (No one likes an ugly hard to use form.
  • Front-end Admin Dashboard for ease of use.
    • A custom admin dashboard that eliminates your need to dig through the backend to change simple things on the site, and approve recipes.